Manage Groups

Groups are used to efficiently organize your website

1-Images: Groups allow to create a gallery and add new images to the gallery by simply duplicating an item of the group and changing the image.

2-Text List: Groups allow to create text lists so that to create a new item on the list you can simply duplicate a group which makes a new list item appear.

Remove Large Emails

If you want to lower your storage space used by email the easiest method is to remove the largest message on your account

Replace Image

UpdateCase allows you to replace images on your website easily without any technical experience.

Peace of mind as our software will allow you to crop your image after upload to the predefined aspect ratio to ensure your website stays consistent and automatically resizes to the correct image size. 

How to update text using UpdateCase

UpdateCase allows you to change text and replace images on your site without any technical experience. Here we will show you how to change text. if you want to learn how to replace images click here.