Our UpdateCase technology gives your marketing staff -without any technical knowledge or HTML experience- all the tools to easily and efficiently add / modify the text and images on your website sell online.

Our solution allows the complex programming and technical maintenance to be independantly managed by our team or your 3rd party technical staff using open-source methodologies.

This allows both, marketing staff and professional programmers, to work to their full potential, in parallel, an excellent arrangement that can save time and money, reducing technical debt, and assuring your company stays efficient and your website updates can launch sooner.


For your team

Technical and non-technical staff can manage a website together


Custom Content Management System

We provide the tool to manage a customized website.


into any website

UpdateCase data can be exported as a open-standard to be used by other 3rd party solutions.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Website Design
Customized in line with our customers' vision
Responsive design (Phone, Tablet & Desktop)
Source files of websites owned by the customer
UpdateCase subscription offers an innovative software tool to manage content without HTML experience
Uptime guaranteed for your website % 99.9+
24 / 7 ticket support for all hosting related questions
unlimited email accounts, 150 FTP accounts, 1000 GB / Month Transfer, 100 GB storage, 7 day backup, etc.
Update your website without HTML experience
Send eBlasts to your customers and monitor detailed analytics
Add locations to a map to allow your customers to find you.
The websites we launch are developed using an open-source framework (CakePHP.org). This allows you to manage your own website source files if you wish. The UpdateCase application is leased to you from us, which keeps your website very lean and cost-effective.
UpdateCase is backed by our support, giving you peace of mind
Basic support is included in all plans and different support plans are available to suit your requirements
Emergency support is available off-hours to ensure uptime
You can cancel your subscription at anytime and keep the source files for your website. However, keeping your subscription active gives you many great tools (edit content without HTML, eblast system, places locator, etc) to manage your online presence and get support from us: we will ensure your site stays online.

Managed business websites developed on an open-source platform customized in line with your vision

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Non-Technical Website Publishing Platform

Our solution enables your staff to confidentally manage all content (images and text) on your custom business website without any technical experience.

Our solution decouples the content (images and text) apart from the technical and visual elements, to allow to change basic text without the ability to break the website. Using our powerful grouping engine all content in the various presentation can be done with our efficient online tool.

All changes can be previewed by your staff on a testing website to share with your team and get approval before easily moving the changes to the live website.

Simple Custom E-commerce

Our solution offers you a custom developed payment process pipeline to sell online which integrates securely with your PayPal hosted account. This enables your customers to easily pay online with a credit card without needing a PayPal account. Customer can also use their existing PayPal account which lowers the barrier to first sales from your potential customers. 

The payment process is straight forward to setup however we can also customize the process inline with your internal processes and requirements. 

Your product catelog can be managed from our online application OR automatically imported on a schedule from your existing company systems which simplifyes the day to day management of your store. 

Contact us for a free consulting call so we can brainstorm the best solution for your company. 

Image Management

Any image on your website can be changed without any technical experience using a drag and drop crop tool with a resizing engine to ensure the image ratio and and size is always adjusted for the target website.

Your staff can easily replace an image without disturbing the website since our technology is decoupled from the programming.


Parallel Development Work-Flow

De-coupled Technology Enables Efficiency

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) prevents bottlenecks in production with the technical team focusing on more complicated technical upgrades while the non-technical tasks (text / images changes) are completed independently by your staff.

Our decoupled website technology allows the content (text and images) to be management independantly from the complex programming and server maintenance. 

Your staff can adjust content while the our developers can adjust the website with new requested functionality. All changes are verified on a testing website (that does not disturb the live website) to get approval before going LIVE.

We provide the technical service, however, you can also work with any 3rd party web developer of your choice. Our detailed documentation will keep the front end of the website in line with current advancements in technology.


Efficient layered Website Technology

We develop our software and business websites using our layered technology to ensure there is a separation of concerns. This increases the quality and stability of the overall system.

Top layer: Content updates (text / images) are all managed by your marketing staff without the ability to break the website or source files.

Middle Layer: UpdateCase which is our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology and it maintained by our company do you don't have to worry about costly technical debt. 

The software / business website is developed with our open-source solution SetupCase.com using proven open-source standards  to ensure your site can be maintained effectively by our team or even your developers (if you wish).

This layered approach gives you ownership where you need it and allows you to harnesses our propriatary paid subscriptions on the modules that are costly to maintain resulting in an efficient solution for you company where you only own the layers you need to own.

Harnessing Flat-File Technology

A Content Management System (CMS) that is Versatile and Adaptable

Our Software-as-a-Service harnesses the power of open-standard flat-file technology to power your website. All assets are prepared by your team on our UpdateCase editor but then pushed to your website in entirity. Your website does NOT connect back to UpdateCase for any ongoing visitor activity, but only when requesting new assets that were prepared by your team.

If you no longer want to use the power of our editor to adjust content (text and images) and want to return to a traditional work flow where a technical programmer controls the entire website, you are able to cancel the UpdateCase subscription and your technical programmer can then manage the website moving forward using our open-source SetupCase technology to continue development on their own.

Our solution is meant for custom software and custom business websites as we can adapt to your progressing company requirments.

Branding De-Coupled From The Content

Our updateCase software-as-a-service decouples your branding and visuals from your content (text and images).

This enables the technical team to completely revamp a website without changing the content. All text and images can be integrated by the technical team into a new branding / visual design independantly of marketing. 

Then any new elements which marketing requests can be added on after the new branding has been finalized as a step by step approach.

Our team will work with you to choose a new layout harnessing up-to-date technology and aesthetics customized to your corporate branding.

Request a FREE proposal and we will research layouts in line with your project and setup a call to brainstorm ideas and offer you options.

Each layout has an attractive design and branding and is ready to use, however, if you wish we can integrate your own corporate branding. After completion our UpdateCase solution will allow your staff to change all the text and images without any technical experience.


Manage Multiple Unique Micro-Sites

With an efficient single codebase

Our powerful technology can even allow your team to manage multiple unique micro-sites using a single codebase.

If you have many products that you offer all with different websites, our solution will allow your team to organize all the different content (by product) but publish to a single codebase. 

Only one codebase will need to be maintained but you will effectively have many websites.

Each website will have a different logo, different text, different colours and different images. Even through the same layout is shared between all the sites, because all the images and colours are different to match your branding for each product it will stay vibrant.

This ensures your website budget gets allocated into actual developement of new features which are visually clear instead of invisible redundant maintenance on mulitple websites.

Managed Microservices

Lower your technical debt

Keep your website efficient and easily maintainable by harnessing the power of managed microservices. This decouples all the complicated programming, from your basic website forms, and moves complicated programming into our subscription model. We own and maintain all the technical debt to ensure these services stay online and running and you only need to pay a single subscription to use their unlimited use. This lowers the maintenance required for your website since the website you own becomes streamlined and mitigates the updates required to keep it up-to-date.

This includes capturing email and contact info through lead generation from your website, custom automated emailing engine, render PDFs from tailoring website forms.

Digi-Display.com - Managed Digital Signage & On location access terminals

Showcase on a large screen format

Our solution exceeds normal digital signage features by offering a complete interactive display architecture based on the power of open-web standards. Anything that is possible on the web is possible with our solution.

Digi-Display: Our managed device arrives at your office fully configured and only requires a wired / wireless internet connection and connects to your existing television, monitor or large screen display. 

Our powerful software enables your team to remotely change text, replace images and modify the schedule throughout your different locations without any HTML experience. For any other more technical adjustments our team is able to support your advanced requirements and customize the solution to meet your needs. Custom layout design with your company’s branding showcasing your sponsors animated next to the weather and a television overlay from your specific vendor is our strength and edge in the market.

Integrated with CakePHP

Powerful and expandable business websites and online software

Our solution integrates with CakePHP a powerful open-source framework ensuring you peace of mind as your website can start very small and simple and grow to a powerful optimized online software. 

CakePHP is a popular and well-established PHP web development framework that provides a robust set of features and follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Here are some reasons why CakePHP is a good choice for building online software:

Rapid Development: CakePHP comes with built-in conventions that promote rapid development. These conventions reduce the amount of boilerplate code, making it easier and faster to build web applications. Developers can focus on implementing business logic rather than spending time on repetitive tasks.

MVC Architecture: CakePHP follows the MVC architectural pattern, which separates the application's concerns into different components. This makes the codebase more organized, maintainable, and scalable. It also facilitates collaboration among developers as they can work on different parts of the application simultaneously.

ORM (Object-Relational Mapping): CakePHP provides a powerful ORM that abstracts database interactions. It allows developers to work with database records as objects, simplifying database queries and making the code more readable. The ORM also helps prevent SQL injection and other security issues.

Security Features: CakePHP has built-in security features such as data validation, CSRF protection, input validation, and SQL injection prevention. These features help developers build more secure applications and reduce the risk of common web application vulnerabilities.

Community and Documentation: CakePHP has a large and active community of developers, which means you can find plenty of tutorials, documentation, and plugins to extend the functionality of your application. Community support is valuable when you encounter challenges during development.

Testing and Debugging Support: CakePHP comes with built-in support for unit testing and debugging tools. Writing tests ensures code quality and reduces the likelihood of introducing bugs. Debugging tools make it easier to identify and fix issues during development.

Scalability: CakePHP applications can be scaled to handle increased traffic and data. The framework is designed to work well with caching mechanisms and can be deployed across multiple servers if needed.

Open Source: CakePHP is an open-source framework, which means it's free to use and modify. You have the freedom to customize the framework to fit your specific requirements without any licensing restrictions.

Extensibility: CakePHP is highly extensible. It supports the use of plugins and components that allow developers to add additional features and functionalities easily. This helps in reducing development time and effort.

Overall, CakePHP offers a well-rounded set of features and benefits, making it a reliable choice for building online software and business websites.

Peace of Mind: Backup / Restore

Not only does our content editor allow you to restore past content, but our solution offers entire server backup-restore. This gives you peace of mind knowing we can restore the content or server to an earlier state as the situation requires.

And because our CMS is decoupled from the server we can restore a server to an earlier date but then publish the most recent text changes to get your site back up and running quickly and efficiently in times of emergency.

Email Access & Security

Full-Featured Email Included With UpdateCase.com

Chez undoLogic, nous prenons la sécurité très au sérieux. Notre application UpdateCase offre la tranquillité d'esprit avec une couche de base de sécurité minimale avec la conformité GDPR et des outils qui peuvent être étendus pour augmenter la sécurité de votre serveur afin de répondre aux exigences de sécurité de votre entreprise.

Outils de sécurité du serveur en option : authentification à 2 facteurs, journaux d'authentification/d'accès, notifications de sécurité, accès SSL, limitation d'adresse IP et plus encore.

Sécurité de l'appareil : pour maintenir une sécurité élevée avec vos e-mails, nous vous recommandons :

- activez le mot de passe / la biométrie sur votre appareil AVEC la suppression de l'appareil après 10 tentatives infructueuses. Même si votre appareil est perdu, vous n'avez PAS à vous soucier des violations de données

- L'effacement à distance sur votre ordinateur de bureau / ordinateur portable permet de supprimer toutes les données si l'appareil est perdu

- Chiffrez votre disque dur afin que même si votre ordinateur est perdu, les données ne puissent pas être facilement téléchargées depuis votre ordinateur. 



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